C++ - 약어와 의미

약어 의미
ADL Argument Dependent name Lookup
COW Copy On Write
CRTP Curiously Recurring Template Pattern
ctor constructor
dtor destructor
EBO Empty Base Optimization
ET Expression Template
ICE Internal Compiler Error
lhs left-hand side
NDR No Diagnostic Required
NRVO Named Return Value Optimization
NSDMI Non Static Data Member Initializer
NTBS Null-Terminated Byte String
NTMBS Null-Terminated MultiByte String
NVI Non-Virtual Interface
ODR One Definition Rule
OOTA Out-Of-Thin-Air
POCCA propagate_on_container_copy_assignment
POCMA propagate_on_container_move_assignment
POCS propagate_on_container_swap
POD Plain Old Data
POD Point Of Definition
POI Point Of Instantiation
RAII Resource Acquisition Is Initialization
rhs right-hand side
RTTI RunTime Type Information
RVO Return Value Optimization
SFINAE Substitution Failure Is Not An Error
SSO Small String Optimization
TMP Template MetaProgramming
TPL Two-Phase Lookup
TU Translation Unit
UB Undefined Behavior
UCN Universal Character Name
UDL User Defined Literal

표준화 관련

약어 의미
CD Committee Draft
CWG Core Working Group
DIS Draft International Standard
DR Defect Report
DTS Draft Technical Specification
EWG Evolution Working Group
FDIS Final Draft International Standard
IS International Standard
LEWG Library Evolution Working Group
LWG Library Working Group
NAD Not A Defect
NB National Body
PDTS Preliminary Draft Technical Specification
SG Study Group
TC Technical Corrigendum
TR Technical Report
TS Technical Specification
WD Working Draft
WP Working Paper

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